This series originally ran on my now defunct digital 'zine, Culture Ramp.

The Ludorenaissance

Video game journalism is coming of age. But why now?

The Reader

9/28/2012 — The audience reading the new games journalism are asking themselves whether or not their gaming experiences are worthwhile, and looking to contemporary games criticism -- perhaps not for answers so much as a method.

The Critic

9/21/2012 — "All the traditional markers of adulthood are pretty worthless now. The only thing I can really be an adult about is, yeah, games." An interview with Unwinnable's Jenn Frank.

The Editor

9/14/2012 — "Games were something I had done my entire life, but I didn't start thinking about them critically until I started at the Journal." Kill Screen founder Jamin Warren discusses game journalism's coming-of-age.

The Curator

9/7/2012 — "What we're seeing, by and large, is a mainstreaming of approaches that have been academia's bread and butter for several decades." Kris Ligman of Critical Distance talks about the changing state of game journalism.