I got my start writing about many of the themes on this site on an old Blogspot-hosted blog, the name of which I can no longer quite remember.

By 2010, I had grown frustrated with the limitations that went along with theming a Blogspot site. My financial situation had become more solvent, so I rented some server space and began self-hosting a Wordpress site. Culture Ramp, as it was called, sharpened the focus of my writing onto a handful of aspects of modern culture: technology, the arts, and gaming. Part of the aim was to broaden Culture Ramp into an online magazine, with a stable of writers working under my editorial direction. To that end, I published a handful of pieces by new writers, but the demands of keeping up a regular cadence eventually wore on me. I brought the publication run to a planned end in 2013.

Culture Ramp had built a modest readership, some of whom were editors at more professional outlets, and from 2013 to 2015 I appeared semi-regularly as a freelance writer on technology and gaming sites like Unwinnable, The Daily Dot, Paste and Polygon. Much of what I wrote during that time can be found in this site's Elsewhere section. In 2015, I was hired by a major entertainment company, and have stopped freelancing in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

After Culture Ramp, I shifted my personal writing to a handful of smaller blogs, which allowed me to pursue topics that would have fit poorly at a larger venue. The first was Notable Reader, effectively a public reading journal. Another was Upstreamist, now hosted here. Those sites (along with a few others flase starts) went through various permutations, but it ultimately made more sense to fold them all into a single site that could also serve as home base for the rest of my writing on the internet. The result was