Community building

by L. Rhodes

  1. Hot off his fellowship with the Mozilla Foundation, Darius Kazemi has launched on online guide to hosting your own social media community. Kazemi runs the Mastodon instance, in part on the principle that social media communities should be grounded in relationships of trust — an axiom of which I've become more convinced as time goes by.

  2. The existence of professional dungeon masters would likely have blown some minds back in the '80s, but none so thoroughly as this guy:

Rory Philstrom, a pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, based in Bloomington, Minn., is also a self-described "semi-professional" DM. His website features a photoshopped image of Jesus holding a D-20 die and reads: "As baptized children of God, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. One of those things happens to be: play Dungeons & Dragons like a boss." Bloomberg Businessweek

  1. Excavations on a tiny island of Dhaskalio, 125mi southeast of Athens, are revealing the remains of a 4,600 year-old religious complex — the earliest known monumental structure in ancient Greece, build by shipping 7,000-10,000 tonnes of shining white marble across 6.5 miles of sea. The Independent