Political religion

by L. Rhodes

  1. Faith-based environmental outreach may break down the political reluctance keeping many US farmers from openly acknowledging their belief in climate change. Mother Jones

  2. Before retiring in June, Pastor Agnelis L. Reese served as an immigration judge in Oakdale, Louisiana. Over a span of five years, she presided over more than 200 asylum hearings, and rejected each and every one. Topic Magazine

  3. Driven in part by campaign rhetoric during the 2016 Republican primary, the idea that Islam doesn't really qualify as a religion is gaining traction in U.S. public discourse.

If the criteria employed to delegitimize Islam were applied to Christians, [Luther College religion scholar Todd] Green said, then Christianity would also be disqualified as a religion. And indeed, several religions now seen as perfectly legitimate – including Christian groups – have been seen in the same way in the U.S. Catholics, Mormons, and Jews have all been subjected to similar conversations about delegitimization based on the notion that their faith was inherently political. Religion & Politics