Dirty networks

by L. Rhodes

  1. U.S. tech firms could be dealt a blow if the European Court of Justice determines that making consumer data available to NSA surveillance programs violates the protections outlined in the GDPR. Just Security

  2. Some trees form root grafts to share water and nutrients, and may keep defoliated neighbors alive, even down to the stumps. iScience

  3. Alan Dershowitz built his celebrity by defending controversial clients, from Jim Bakker to O.J. Simpson, but his legacy may hinge on his part in the social network that connects him to sex trafficking billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the man he currently defends in the court of public opinion, President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz told me that he wanted the case to go to trial. But, in December of 2015, he e-mailed Boies to discuss a settlement on the condition that Giuffre acknowledge that her accusation could have been a mistake. He wrote, "We should be aiming at a short simple statement such as: 'The events at issue occurred approximately 15 years ago when I was a teenager. Although I believed then and continued to believe that AD was the person with whom I had sex, recent developments raise the possibility that this may be a case of mistaken identification.'" The New Yorker