Three Links

Expect Delays

L. Rhodes
  1. Fans of Wolf in White Van may be interested to learn about the trend in play-by-postcard role playing games from 1980s and 90s Japan. dampfkraft

  2. Research in a preprint paper (meaning it hasn't yet gone through peer-review) suggests that a common factor linking supercentenarians — people 110 years and older — is that they're nearly all from regions or socioeconomic strata where record-keeping is imprecise. bioRxiv

  3. When the Supreme Court overturned overt racial segregation, and civil rights gains began to chip away at practices like redlining, city planners turned to infrastructure projects, like highway construction, to keep black Americans isolated from white populations.

In Atlanta, the intent to segregate was crystal clear. Interstate 20, the east-west corridor that connects with I-75 and I-85 in Atlanta’s center, was deliberately plotted along a winding route in the late 1950s to serve, in the words of Mayor Bill Hartsfield, as “the boundary between the white and Negro communities” on the west side of town. Black neighborhoods, he hoped, would be hemmed in on one side of the new expressway, while white neighborhoods on the other side of it would be protected. NYT