Three Links

Divide And Conquer

L. Rhodes
  1. The United States' current epidemic of right-wing domestic terror was predicted by a joint DHS/FBI report leaked to conservative talk radio in 2009. Driven in part by the rising Tea Party movement, Congressional Republicans — in particular, those from Southern states — went on the offensive and effectively quashed any effort to build policy based on the report. Facing South

  2. Italy's left wing is struggling to keep interior minister Matteo Salvini from forcing a snap election that could give his far right coalition enough parliamentary seats to rewrite the country's constitution. Christian Science Monitor

  3. Silicon Valley has convinced the Department of Defense to move its IT systems from Pentagon-operated data centers to corporate-run cloud services. As the fight rages over which tech giant gets the $10 billion contract, at least one government whistleblower has been sidelined for pointing out conflicts of interest. Pro Publica