American Rooms

L. Rhodes

I've been working on an update to the site as a whole. In the meantime, I'm still toying with the format of the digest blog. Going forward, I think I may restrict it to three links, posted whenever I have three links of interest to share. Here are the latest:

  1. Paul Ford points out a fixture of the modern media landscape: the bare, beige rooms that have crept into our collective subconscious with the democratization of video on platforms like YouTube.

All of their frolic is bounded by a set of conventions that are essentially invisible yet define our national physical and technological architecture. Their dancing, talking bodies are the only non-standardized things in the videos.

But we’re working on that too. The Message

  1. Historic homes in the South are changing their tour programs to highlight the place of slavery in early America.

Most guests at the Nathaniel Russel House remark on the beauty of the mansion and its décor, Ms. Northup said, adding that she reminds them that the house was built with the purpose of "keeping people in, keeping people from seeing each other, from socializing, from talking," she said. "It was a prison. That is what I'm trying to make people understand — you are in a beautiful prison." NYT

  1. In a bit of nearly forgotten punk history, Chinese and Filipino restaurants provided some of the most important venues for the burgeoning West Coast scene, hosting bands such as X, the Germs, and Black Flag during their formative phases in the late Seventies and early Eighties. Topic Magazine