Militant Emissions, Restoring Portraits, And Paving With Seaweed

L. Rhodes
  1. Bill McKibben considers the question of whether the problem of climate change couldn't be solved by shrinking the size of the US military. NYRB

  2. An exhibition of early modern French paintings is using the techniques of biographical research to uncover the lives of their black models, even retitling the portraits to include their names.

The achievement is threefold: a chronological study of black figures in French painting from the revolution to the postwar period, a restitution of the identities of black models and sitters, and an insistence on bringing a new parity to critical accounts of black and white subjects in historical paintings. NYRB

  1. Fertilizer runoff from West Africa and the Amazon may be behind a massive belt of seaweed stretching all the way across the Atlantic and into the Gulf of Mexico. Vox